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About Me

As a child I absorbed myself into a world of dolls and dolls houses and much to the amazement of my parents I have yet to grow out of it.

Indeed I have been a serious miniaturist for twenty years and the birth of my daughter Grace has done little to curb that passion. The inspiration for my project came from watching my six year old darling play gently for hours with a dolls house of her own. I realised that the childhood innocence I adore in Grace so much is the very thing us miniaturists try to hold on to by collecting, and I hope to add to that childlike pleasure by presenting to you my talent for art and needlecraft.

My gift in both subjects was rewarded academically to a very high level and I have continued to enjoy art by painting miniature masterpieces for my pleasure. The realisation of my needlework abilities comes with the detail I have put into making and dressing dolls house dolls in the past years.