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About My Artwork

Master Pieces at affordable prices.

We would all love to own and adorn our walls with the finest paintings and Master Pieces, but for the average person this is merely a dream!!!

However for the dolls house owner the dream CAN be a reality.

I am giving collectors a unique opportunity to purchase one off replicas of famous paintings.

Any Commission can be undertaken and I will always have a gallery of completed art work for your approval.

My paintings are created using the finest canvas, oil paints and brushes and as with the old masters I protect the paintings with a delicate coat of varnish. Finally I compliment the finished product with a suitable frame.

My work is very detailed and therefore exceptionally time consuming however I take great joy from it and I sincerely hope you do too!!


Each of my porcelain dolls is individually poured, polished and hand painted to achieve a beautiful and realistic character for your dolls house.

You can either purchase a doll in kit form, lovingly put together and wigged, ready to dress - or commission a unique dressed doll to your personal specification.